Shoe Cleaning Services

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Shoe Cleaning Services

Wash N Press offers shoes dry Dry-cleaning & Laundry Services in Navi Mumbai. Our customers can also take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service. We believe in offering top quality Laundry & Dry-cleaning services in Kharghar at an affordable price. Shoes of each customer are washed separately to maintain high standard of hygiene. We ensure fresh fragrance, spotless finish, renewed look, no color fade with any fabric damage and soft touch after cleaning in our all processes with the Fresh Clean System. Our Dry-cleaning and Laundry Services can be availed by walk-in our stores, placing request through our website or call. Clothes are cleaned with German Eco-friendly solvents. European machinery is used in dry cleaning process clothes are treated with world class commercially used solvents. Shoe Dry Cleaning Service in Navi Mumbai uses special products and ecofriendly detergents to remove stains from the shoes of its customers.

Shoe Cleaning Process

Laundry’s Wash and Fold, also called Fluff and Fold, or simply Drop Off Laundry, is the perfect solution to your laundry needs as a busy parent, professional, senior citizen or student.


Our domain experts inspect the material and condition of your shoes. We check the label to make sure it’s safe to machine wash your shoes. Most shoes can be cleaned in the washing machine, but it’s always a good idea to double-check beforehand.

The laces and other removable parts are separated to be cleaned individually, it ensure that every part of shoes get properly cleaned to give new & fresh look.
Shoe Cleaning & Drying

Spots or stains are removed. Shoes are deep cleaned with German Pro-fabric chemicals as per requirement of shoes.Our leather solvents contains natural and mineral oils which deeply penetrate into the leather and do not glue the leather surface. Shoes are Air Dried, Blow Dried, or Sun Dried, depending on the fabric type.
Deodorizing & Anti-bacterial Treatment-

We perform Deodorizing & Anti-bacterial Treatment on shoes which ensures all the bacteria, viruses and bad odours are eliminated after shoe cleaning.
Shoe Nourishment

Shoe skin is nourished & enriched with our unique natural oil-based polish. It contains greasing agents and softeners which deeply penetrate into the leather without altering the leather surface, It has a smoothing capacity, revives the colours.
Assembling & Packaging

Shoe cleaning experts reassemble all the parts and does finishing. Post assembling, Packaging with customised packaging options are done as per your need. which ensures new and fresh look to shoes.


Our German cleaning technology used in shoe cleaning is greatly improved method, Shoes can get up to double life if maintained properly. Keeping its lifetime aside, a clean shoe enhances your overall look!