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Why Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business ?

Million Dollar Business Opportunity with Wash N Press is a unit of UGS Urbane Global Services Private Limited
In this fast changing world, people are highly stressed in their daily hectic lifestyle, hence they look for an alternatives which gives them ease and comfort in their life, hassle free and easy solutions so that they can spent quality time with their family & loved ones. Ecommerce business, Outsourcing cleaning services, Doorstep services have grown at such rapid pace due to lack of time with customers.
Outsourcing or Doorstep services which provide value additions to customer lifestyle with lower cost & lesser time without compromising the quality creates high interest and adoption by the new age customers.
Wash N Press has emerged with an European Eco friendly solution to customers facing Laundry & Dry cleaning challenges in this era of small carpet size apartments without proper balconies. Customers face lot of challenges in cleaning & drying laundries which has created a need instead of option/ luxury in this new era.
Wash N Press always deliver excellent results from professional textile cleaners. Whether it is the customer’s favorite textile, heavily stressed goods from hotels and similar establishments or a wide variety of workwear – after frequent wear, all textiles must be fragrant, stain-free and in shape.
Our technology has Fresh Clean System which includes Fresh fragrance , Defined Colours, Pure White, Soft and voluminous handling which provides First-class results.

Benefits of becoming our business partner

Our Technology Solutions


Our Machines manufactures Domus having its registered office in Sant Julià de Vilatorta (Barcelona), Domus is part of a major business group, ONNERA Group, with nine manufacturing plants, strategically distributed around the world (Spain, France, Poland and Mexico). More than 2200 professionals able to offer solutions in every market.


SEITZ GmbH certifies that all products manufactured and delivered are in compliance with all ecological criteria and are biodegradable, including those demanded by the EPA. Also our products are exempt from Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates and meet the environmental protection standard. Furthermore, we confirm that SEITZ GmbH products have been developed in accordance with the legal prescriptions for chemicals and are formulated to meet all requirements imposed by the official authorities in Germany, as well as the latest European legislation.


LG is a most trusted brand having world wide presence in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America, South America.

In-House R&D and Training Centre
We have in house domain experts who provides training to our team members.

Our Chemical Solutions


We deals in SIETZ (German Chemicals). It has Hygiene Certification according to DGHM*, VAH* and RKI* Hygienic cleanliness, fresh fragrance and comfortable wearing, these are the outstanding properties of textiles washed with SEITZ-Products. The products in the SEITZ catalogue which are listed and approved by DGHM, VAH and RKI, guarantee reliable germicide action for killing bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses. The innovative and equally approved application procedures result in a gentle wash and disinfection process by which existing micro-organisms and viruses are killed in the wash process. Despite the strong action, the natural ph-value of the textiles treated is preserved at the end of the wash process and skin irritations or allergic reactions are avoided.

Combined with these approved and certified procedures, our liquid and powder detergent programme is the perfect solution to meet the demands of modern hygienic Textile Care.
DGHM* (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie), VAH* (Verbund für angewandte Hygiene), RKI *(Robert-Koch-Institut)

Disinfectants protect humans from diseases; with optimum handling and dosage they will also avoid negative influence on the environment.

Our Franchisee Proposition

Minimum Store Size

250 Sq Ft


22 Lakhs

Break Even Period

3 Months

Monthly Profit

1.5 lakhs approx

Annual ROI

60 % p.a.

Investment Recovery period

18 months

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